Cut Out Image – How It is Important?

Photos are an integral part of any collateral and though their importance cannot be overlooked. Pictures add a depth when you need to convey a message and that too more perfectly than the textual messages. Many a times, tossing through the magazine, brochures or flyers pages, you must have observed the beautiful depth of the images that keep you hooked.

Here the major role is played by cut out image that adds a sense of deep understanding in the picture. Any image that is not so flawless can be cut out from its background to place on a new white or fresh background. No doubt, cut out photo is a challenging task that needs skills and expertise to get the wonderful outcome. If done professionally, cut out photo can make an image highly appealing.

To make the image look cleaner and highlighter from the edges, Cut Out Image is a cool feature of Photoshop. So why exactly do you need cut out image or background cut out? Here’s why:

What is the Need of Cut Out Image or Service?

A very common phrase, “Actions speak louder than words” signifies the need of the images. Images can better denote the actions to leave an everlasting impact on the viewers’ minds and so it becomes highly important to maintain that WOW factor in the quality of the images. Looking at an old and poor image cannot have a good impression on your mind whereas a flawless image tempts you more.

Every image published in the digital world is full of life and that is only possible with the help of cut out image done in the photo editing software. Suppose, you have a photo of some food items and want to extract only one of the eatables from that image, how will you do that? Here, cut out image comes for your rescue where by using the cut out tools, you can pick an object from its background and shift it to a new background. Extra effects can be added as per your desire to make the image look enhanced and commendable.

How Cut Out Image Works for E-commerce Portals?

In an increasingly digitized world, everyone wants perfect imagery. Online shopping has raised its bars where images play a great role in attracting the potential customers. Anyone exploring the online portals to buy a product need everything perfect and of premium quality. And this is not wrong though! Obviously, it’s your duty to offer what the customers like. A buyer will only be inclined towards your product if the product images are good enough.

Usually the images are shot against any background but when it comes to the online world, cut out image is a great escape to get rid of the unwanted distracted backgrounds. Altogether to change the background, photo cut out service comes in handy. Apparels, jewelry pieces and footwear don’t look good on colored backgrounds so they can be cut out in Photoshop to get an exclusive look.

Good images lead to good sales, isn’t it? Then, why not avail the cut out image services today from

Follow These Image Optimizing Techniques And Google Will Follow You

Once you get started with online business, your first and foremost goal is to make your website a hit is Google searches. Why So?

Higher you are ranked in Google searches; more will be the chances of sales. Search Engine Optimization is not only required for your website on a whole but it has a lot to do with images that are used.

Hence Proved- It is mandatory to optimize your product images if you wish to rank high in Google searches. For the images, they should be SEO optimized and of great quality. It has become a requirement that cannot be escaped.

The bar of options for customers has increased phenomenally and that generates further need to keep check, on your actions that can drag or send away the customers. Due to the increased options, customers won’t even look at your website it some other is doing a better job than you.

The work to be done has increased. You need to put extra emphasis on not only attracting customers with the visual presentation of the product but also attracting Google by abiding by its standard rules. Some of the mandatory requisites for every online retailer are quality product images, abiding by the rules of the marketplace where they are selling and ensuring appearance on social media. Also, it is quite essential to attract as many customers as you can with the help of product images.

You might think of how would you optimize images online for your use whether the images are for a regular website or product images for an online store. There several tools online that smoothly handle this request and optimize images as you needed for your website. You can find the link to 8 Effective Tools to Optimize your Product Images.

Explaining The Techniques Of SEO For Google Image Search?

The interesting part is that these days, people conduct a direct search via images that are listed on Google. Google shopping, Pinterest, etc. are some other very common platforms to search for the product you want to buy. The links to these images take the viewer back to the site that is associated with the image. That is why it is quite necessary to add keyword with your product image. When the customer will search with that keyword, the image will be shown in the results. If they customer happen to like your product image, he/she can visit to your page for further inquiries. Keyword adding doesn’t mean just adding any kind of text with the image. You need to be smart enough to conduct a thorough research on keywords related to your products and then use them. These keywords are like the addresses of your images that will help in increasing more sales of your products. Listed below are some techniques to help you optimize your product images:

Labeling The File:

Labeling or naming the file is the first step. And, it is the major part of image optimization. For the search engines, it is pretty convenient to list the addresses that are with a name. Also it is good to have set of alphabets that can represent your product name. It is recommended to rename the file and not to use automatically generated names like “IMG4563746.jpg”. To be more accurate, how about using the product name with some respective code as it is convenient for the Google to find and list the product.

Image Alt Text:

So what exactly is Image Alt Text? It is a name that has nothing to do with the buyer or the seller. You can say, it is the concern of search engines. For a seller, an image of a dress will be named as “Gorgeous-summer-dress.jpg”. Even for the buyer, the name displayed with the dress would be the same. There are certain SEO strategies that use the idea of image alt text. The file name has to be unique for best image search on Google. Also, it is recommended to use a descriptive file name for the product as it will be easy for the seller and Google to search the product.

It is a complicated task for the search engines to find files. Their search is dependent on HTML tags and “alt text”.

How does alt image text help Google in interpreting images?

  • The name of the image, whatever it is will be displayed on the web. Even if you have received the image in your inbox via email, the name of the image will be tagged with it. It makes easy for the receiver about the image and its context.
  • You must have noticed that some images just reveal their details right away when you hovers your mouse over them. This is because of the image alt text that you get to know about the name of the product on rolling the mouse over.
  • Therefore indeed, the alt text defines the subject matter of the image and the purpose it is being listed at Google.

Once you have followed all the protocols, you can expect some good feedback from Google. The search engine thus uses your information and concludes whether your image is worth displaying in the search queries or not. Here is an example of how you should use alt text.

Wrong: alt = “” (empty)

Right: alt =”Gorgeous-summer-dress”

It is suggested that you must avoid using any extraneous keywords, spelling errors or the synonyms of the actual keyword. This all can really hamper the searches as it creates bewilderment inside the algorithms and you might not end up with best search positions. The text is visible to the customers so you should be very precise on what you are using.

Adding References:

Now, creating context for customers and for the search engines can also help you immensely in gaining more exposure and visibility. You must tag along related products with every product image. Anyone taking an interest in your range of offerings might settle at some other product offered by you. So, it is equally important to add context. As for Google credits, any image that is rich will be given more credibility than others.

A theme line with every product can simply win over the interest of search engines as well as the customers. Other than that, Google also insist on giving descriptive labels and captions with the images. So it is suggested to add those wherever you can.

Site Map:

This one is pretty intense. You might have heard of submitting site maps of the web pages. Now, for image optimization, image site maps are also to be submitted. These will double the chances of visibility of your images in image searches. You must be curious about what is a Site Map? Well, it is like a document file of your website which has code information about every page of your website. When its about image sitemap, it will contain information about the tags used and other general stuff. Any changes you make in the image, there will be changes in the sitemap. Therefore, every time you happen to make any amendments, you need to upload a new sitemap. The course of sitemap is a little complex for the neophytes. Thus it is recommended to consult a Search Engine specialist.

Should The Images Be Compressed?

You can take a sigh of ease here as Google does not impose any size related restriction on to-be-searched images. You don’t have to upload a standard sized image that is for searching purposes. However, it becomes easy to load images that are in compressed form. That is why these day, people are uploading compressed images for all online endeavors. Other than that it consumes less bandwidth and uses lesser disk space. It is a favorable practice for the search engines and to be honest, images that are compressed are more likely to get better visibility in the searches.

Basically in image compression, the size of the image is reduced significantly without compromising with the quality of the image. It is suggested to go for Lossy compressions. In this practice, the quality of the image is least hampered.

If your image will take least amount of time to pop up while searching, it will definitely get more positive reception from the customers as well as from the search engines.

So, here we reach at last of this article where I would conclude by saying that online businesses are highly competitive these days. You cannot expect good sales if you don’t abide by the protocols. So guys, image optimization must be done as it is least demanding and highly productive.

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Discussing Adept Practices Of The Implementation Of Web Images

COVERSHOT is basically known as your first impression that is created on the visitors who shop with you. Is it wise to take it casually? I would say NO.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a neophyte trader online or the one who have been practicing since a long-long time, people find it convenient to use stocked images as their covershot. I can totally understand that taking a perfect covershot could be a little nerve-racking for some. This is the time when you find it seamlessly convenient to use stock image. But don’t you think it is a little unfair? Don’t think too much. Nothing is unfair when it’s about your business. But you have to be smart in terms of usage. Here is where you can collect the ideas to use stock images as your covershot.

Cut Out Image – Knows what needs to be DONE on Web Image Optimization for Store!

Instagram seems like a perfect place to steal. Some of the finest photographers feature their finest work. But the only hitch is that all the featured images are copyrighted i.e. forget about using them as they are and spin your head in finding ways of achieving that beautiful image. Well there are only few ways that can get you the image. First, you contact the photographer and buy the image. Second, you can ask for their permission to use the image for free. Now it’s their call whether they permit you to use the image or not. In either case, it is uncertain whether or not you will be able to use the image.

This is the case of scenario when it’s unsure you will be able to use the image or not. But we don’t promote scamming. So, here are some of the recommendations that might help you:

  • You have to put away every ounce of shyness that you feel while asking for the permission. Write to them or contact the image owner anyways and ask for their permission to use the image. As far as my experience is concerned, image owners usually give you thumbs up for the usage of image when asked.
  • It could be showing gratitude or you are giving a return piece of help to the image owner, you must link the image back to the owner’s website. You can also mention the name of the owner in the description of the image. Tag it, link it or any other way how you can give a back link to the image source.
  • In the worst case scenario, when you don’t get an approval to use the image, well it is the time to use your creativity and craft something unique for the covershot. Or you are recommended to select some other image for the same purpose.

Covershot is necessary for the promotion of your brand. It is the best way to pass a message to the buyers about the products you deal in and what they can expect from your products.

Learn more on: Web Image Dimension for Shopify

Shopify Photo Dimensions: Learn The Basics For Product Listings


As it is rightly said, Shopify is everything that you need to sell; it is a place where millions of sellers and buyers unite to carry forward the trade. It is a platform where you can create an online store or you can also add E-commerce to an existing site. It is a highly renowned portal among sellers and buyers. Directing to the topic of today, we will discuss the suitable image size that can be used at this website for listing and selling purposes.

What Should Be The Size Of Product Image?

As per the requirements, an image of 2048×2048 or 1024×1024 pixels can be easily accepted. In other words, you can use a picture of 4.2 megapixels. As you are well familiar with the fact that a professional image increases the tendency of selling a product to double than a non-professional and immaturely taken image, it becomes significant to use polished images. As soon as the image is uploaded on Shopify, various sizes are created simultaneously. The different sizes images are used by customers to have a panoramic view of the product. It also increases the performance of the website.

There is the usage of larger image where customer can have full review of the product. That is mostly displayed on the image page with overall description. The mini image of the same article is only featured on the collection template. This is the place where larger version of image is not required. All this is done to boost the upload time.

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Why To Stick To Former Version Of Photoshop?


Photoshop, being so admired by the designers, is available in various versions in the market. It is enticingly for the users to get in touch with the newest version and unleash new offerings. For instance, you are using Photoshop CS5 or CS6; you will surely be fascinated for jumping to Photoshop CC as it is the newest version. Any user would uninstall former version and install the newer one. But is it really necessary?

According to the conventional approach, there is no use booking your hard disk with the former version if you are not using it. But a smart user will always keep the former version unless and until he don’t master in the newer one. However there are many other reasons that can persuade you to keep the former version and still have the newer one.

In this content, you will discover the causes that will help you in understanding why former version is equally necessary for your computer:

  • You must have heard of Adobe Axed Pixel Bender. Remember it use to take the oil paint filter from pixel bender and instantly dump everything else. However the dumping feature was a little second-rate in usage but pixel blender is commendable. There are many effects that can be created and saved for future usage. I kind of loved this feature. This is a kind of feature that can come in routine usage and the feature quite enhances your designing aesthetics. Certainly, you cannot find this feature compatible with every version of Photoshop, although it works quite brilliantly with CS5. To conclude, I would say that it is a contributing factor that claims to keep the former version of PS saved in your computer, even when you start using Photoshop CC.
  • Adobe Axed Picture Package is not a familiar term for neophytes in Photoshop education. But people who have spent lots of quality time with PS know about it. The package is compatible with CS5 version. There was a time when it was also compatible with CS6 but later when an update came in, the feature was totally out of the vision.

  • It is quite a help for the designers and that gives you another reason to stick with CS5. Especially people who are habitual of using the package cannot really keep themselves away from it. This package makes assembling of images amazingly simple. The process is quite simple as you just need to click at File tab and then go to automate. From there you need to select the option of picture package. The process of using the feature in CS4 is also quite simple. In other versions, you might find many resourceful features but I guess for smaller tasks, you must keep in touch with the former versions of Photoshop.
  • Licensing also becomes quite a troublesome task for the routine users. For instance, you are a Photoshop teacher; you cannot afford to wait for days in order to get the licensing done for the newer version. Usually users come across many related troubles. The system keeps going to lock down mode even if you have purchased license. This is the case with every new version. It is no wiser attempt to withdraw former version of PS before getting complete authority to use newer one. Even after months of using new version, it is recommended to have the previous version stored in your PC. Any time you come across a new kind of license related trouble with the latest version, you can simply call the former version and get things sorted. Other than the software itself, the ones that come as a package sometimes create a lot of nuisance. This can also be avoided only with the help of previous version, whatever you have in your PC.

So, to conclude I would like to say that it is highly encouraged usage of new versions of any software. But at the same time, keeping up the former version is equally essential. From the above stated points, you must have clearly visualize the difference and understand the fact that PS CC users will always need a little help from the past software that have been using.

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